Gurudongmar Lake (Sikkim)

Review of Gurudongmar Lake: There are a few places in India which we mark in our mind as “places to visit once in our lifetime”. From the backwaters of Kerala to the beaches in Goa, Road trip to Ladakh or a cruise to Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Pilgrimage to Varanasi or wandering in Thar desert, the list goes on… And then ….North Sikkim! [Sikkim Tourism, […]

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Photo Challenge: Ooh, Shiny!

Posted as part of WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge  For the topic, “Ooh, Shiny!”, I could find an old photo which was taken with my point and shoot camera: A picture of pineapple flower which was bathing in sun light! Here is the pic! Also see my last weeks photo challenge here and the week before […]

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Daily Prompt: Amble!

Note:1. Posted as part of the Daily Prompt series from WordPress 2. I post photographs I have taken symbolizing the words given for the Daily prompts and not detailed written articles! For the prompt Amble, I guess photograph of an elephant would be most apt! Wherever I have seen elephants, whether it be in the wild […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge:Textures

Note: Published as part of the WordPress weekly photo challenge  For the topic “textures” the most striking picture which comes to my mind is a photograph of a layer of mountains appearing as if they are stacked one on the other and a beautiful river “Teesta” flowing in between! Taken in North Sikkim, India, December 2014. As Carlos […]

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Just another article, about you.

While we celebrate completion of yet another round of Earth orbiting the Sun, it’s time to retrospect how my blog “E-Shibin: The eternal truth” performed in 2015 and share with you few interesting observations. My intangible bond with procrastination was the key culprit in limiting my new posts published during 2015 to just four (but, one more than in […]

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