Who am I ?

Hello Life!

NB: This page is about myself and not about the Jackie Chan movie “Who Am I”

I am Shibin Dinesh, a post-graduate in Biotechnology aspiring to become a researcher one day!  I did my college education from the prestigious Amrita University Amritapuri Campus (Kerala)  at the School of Biotechnology.

My Interests are Science, Photography, Energy alternatives, Wildlife conservation, Environmental issues, National and International political, economical and social issues.  I am concerned about myself, the society I live and above all concerned about our mother Earth (who  in great danger, whether you agree or not).

My dreams are endless (how much i work to make them a reality is another question).The very basic dream, just like everyone else is to have a happy and fruitful life! As per Science is concerned, I dream of becoming one of the most innovative human being on the planet earth. I dream of working in classified Govt projects related to science and technology and if possible even to lead such projects in future!

Reading books is one of my other favorite hobby and my taste includes Science fiction and non-fiction, inspiring biographies and most of best-selling Indian fictions.My favorite authors so far include J.K Rowling, Dan Brown, Robin Cook, Chetan Bhagat and Amish in general, and includes a lot of authors of which i have read just one book.

Listening to music is yet another my favorite time pass. Irrespective of where I am and what I am doing, I like listening to music, which includes a variety of genres! I am greatly thankful to my Cowon mp3 player and my Sennheiser headphones in providing me the best musical experience!!!

 I like traveling a lot, let it be by train or bus or even walking. But, having said that, I am yet to travel to majority of the places in my country! I am taking photography as a serious hobby these days and is in the process of trying to become a good photographer. Do visit my photography page in Facebook if you have time to go through the photographs i have taken.

My Google plus profile can be found here

I do believe in the existence of a  supreme power, (but I am against calling the Higgs-Boson the “God particle”), but i am in no interest to make others believe or follow my principles!  A theist-atheist debate is the last thing which i would want to get in, and i will try my best in never bringing a debate over “godly matters”  in my blog or even in my daily life. I also, ask my fellow planet men and women, to just follow your own principles and stop intervening in others personal beliefs!

You can visit my personal Facebook profile to view all of My “likes” and I don’t have the habit of “liking” every page that comes to my screen, so going through the  “likes” in my Facebook profile will give a better idea about my tastes!

So in short, i am an ordinary “kid” who dreams of changing the world and the way society works and thinks! (Yes; I do know the quote by Mahatma Gandhi that says “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”.

14 thoughts on “Who am I ?

  1. hi shibin

    i liked the blog on martian newscast. good work. i was a science team member of chandrayaan-i; worked at vssc, trivandrum during 2005-2009. would be glad to share few interesting things; do drop you your mail id; mine is smahmedhyd@gmail.com

  2. Hi friend- nice blog and you have such a good thoughts.. wish you definitely make your dreams come true. keep going champ..

  3. hey, all the luck for your dreams to come true.. I really enjoyed reading your post and how you have expressed your dreams so bravely..not sure though, you would need to be a President to realize them!! I guess you know what i am saying.. all you need is your belief in your dreams :) ya easier said than done..

  4. Hi Shibin,

    Good to read your blog…….its very good to have lots of dreams and I wish that all your dreams come true one day!!!

    All the best!!! :) keep posting……

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