Who am I ?

For those who reached here via Matrimony website, please read below a short bio.


About myself from Matrimony point of view!

Hello! I am Shibin Dinesh from Chakkarakkal, Kannur Dt. Pardon me if the below introduction about myself feels a bit stretched, it is better to have a reasonably clear picture of myself rather than proceed with uncertainties. Academics & Career-wise, I work as a Program Manager at Molecular Connections, Bengaluru, a Software and Data science-based company. I did my Masters in Biotechnology from the prestigious Amrita University, Kollam, while my schooling was done at Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Kannur. Owing to my background in Life Sciences, I started my career as a Science analyst at MC and later was promoted as Technology Lead for design and development of Science-based databases. From the last couple of years, I work as a Program Manager, handling a team tasked with QA along with R&D of content based software technologies. I also work as an independent technology consultant, mainly designing and developing websites and content creation for third parties. I earn enough to lead a happy life, but not enough to live a royal life!
Outside of work, from a creativity point of view, my interest includes photography, blogging and web designing. From hobbies perspective, I read books (mostly of non-fiction genre), watch English TV series (mainly medical and crime drama thrillers) watch movies (of any Language and occasionally from Theaters), listen to music (who doesn’t!) and loves to sleep as well! Traveling as an interest requires special mention as it is one matching parameter where I want my partner to have an equal interest in. I love trekking, visiting nature-centric places (forests, national parks, hills), visit temples (ancient and otherwise) or trips to any place that offers serenity in general and also loves self-driving. I am a foodie and love to eat/try all kind of cuisine (owing to few exceptions) and is very much open to learning the art of cooking ( Right now, I do not even know how to make a coffee). Though I am a foodie, I do try to take care of my physique as well, and sports and fitness wise, I play badminton regularly, walks 1-2 km daily and occasionally goes for long walks and running (And yeah, my cholesterol levels are normal!). I do not drink liquor (except for occasional wine), I do not smoke (Are you a smoker? Please move to next profile) and I do not party (maybe because I do not dance!), no tattoos and no piercing  I am more of a cat person than a dog person, but loves all animals in general, loves nature and believes global warming is real!
A point which requires special mention is that I  have “salt and pepper” style hair (putting it bluntly, I have about 15 % white hair on my head!), and if you are someone who finds that as a shortcoming (especially meant at parents), please skip this profile and move to the next one! I do not think someone having a problem with grey hair is someone I wish to spend the rest of my life with!
I am looking for proposals from someone who loves traveling, loves to talk, appreciates nature and other beings and who can relate to most of the things I mentioned above. Keen to be with someone who also likes to work, someone who is not in a hurry to start a family and who wants to explore and live their life to the fullest. Finally, I am someone who believes that trust and loyalty is the most important link in the chain that holds a marriage together and hence is the most important value that I look forward to my partner.
To the parents who are reading this, if you are looking for someone who you can trust your daughter’s life with, someone who will be with her no matter what the situation is, who understands and accepts her the way she is, you are at the right place. But, if you dream of a son-in-law who treats your daughter like a princess materialistically, I don’t even qualify the first round!



Hello, Human!

Note: This page is about myself and not about the Jackie Chan movie “Who Am I”

I am Shibin Dinesh, a Malayali by birth and a global citizen by way of life! I have done my studies in the field of Life science (explains the weird blog name) and is working in life science informatics field for the past 5 years.

Shibin elements

My interests include Science and Technology, Photography, Energy alternatives, Wildlife conservation, Environmental issues, National and International political, economic and social happenings.

I love traveling and a lot of space in this blog will be dedicated to travel reviews. I hope to visit as many places possible within my country (India) before starting world exploration! Photography has become a part of my life and I am a student for life when it comes to photography. I use a Nikon D5200 with a 70-300mm/18-140mm lens and occasionally one plus 3 cameras for photography. I also maintain a Facebook Photography page (link on the right sidebar), do consider “liking” the same to get regular photography updates.

Reading books was one of my favorite hobbies, though I get very less time these days. I am planning to change that and get back into active reading, you can expect frequent book reviews as well very soon.  On reading, my taste includes Science fiction and non-fiction and inspiring biographies. I grew up reading J.K Rowling, Dan Brown, Robin Cook, Chetan Bhagat and continue to follow their books except for the one whose name I have stricken out due to his low quality writing these days! 

I do listen to a lot of music from a variety of genres including but not limited to western and Indian classical, regional film songs (Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil) and world music (Yanni is one of my all time favorite)!

I do believe in the existence of a  supreme power, but I am in no interest to make others believe or follow my principles!  A theist-atheist debate is the last thing which I would want to get in, and I will try my best in never bringing a debate over “godly matters”  on my blog or even in my daily life. I wish everyone just followed their own principles and stop intervening in others personal beliefs!

Other than travel reviews, book reviews, and photography submission, this blog will contain occasional science and technology articles (mainly on breakthrough science discoveries or review of technology gadgets) and miscellaneous articles on issues, insights around us. If you are comfortable with all these content, do consider following this blog (Again, the links present in right sidebar)

I try to answer/reply to every query posted as comments on this blog and hence comments in the form of queries, feedback, appreciation, criticism or whatever is most welcome! 

Thank you again for dropping by and for your time!


Shibin Dinesh 


19 thoughts on “Who am I ?”

  1. hi shibin

    i liked the blog on martian newscast. good work. i was a science team member of chandrayaan-i; worked at vssc, trivandrum during 2005-2009. would be glad to share few interesting things; do drop you your mail id; mine is smahmedhyd@gmail.com


  2. hey, all the luck for your dreams to come true.. I really enjoyed reading your post and how you have expressed your dreams so bravely..not sure though, you would need to be a President to realize them!! I guess you know what i am saying.. all you need is your belief in your dreams 🙂 ya easier said than done..


  3. Hi Shibin,

    Good to read your blog…….its very good to have lots of dreams and I wish that all your dreams come true one day!!!

    All the best!!! 🙂 keep posting……


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