Weekly Photo Challenge:Textures

Note: Published as part of the WordPress weekly photo challenge 

For the topic “textures” the most striking picture which comes to my mind is a photograph of a layer of mountains appearing as if they are stacked one on the other and a beautiful river “Teesta” flowing in between! Taken in North Sikkim, India, December 2014. As Carlos Menéndez puts it, an example of “light texture” as well!

Also, check today’s daily prompt post!


Also sharing the link of collection of photographs taken during the same trip here as well as my recent travel review here


16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge:Textures

    1. Thanks gilian for the comment as well as the Facebook group invitation… Will definitely join

  1. The lack of the pingback is annoying but I am not letting that get in the way of seeing some other great responses to this challenge. I love the recession and the crepuscular rays – both of which get enhanced by the use of monochrome. Well done, Madame!

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