My Girlfriend

ERROR 404!!!

The person not found!!

Sorry! The person you are looking for does not exist OR cannot be found at this moment.

 You may try the following:

1) Redirect your mind to your own Girlfriend/Boyfriend

2)  Refresh your mind ( (prick your finger 5 times <f5>)  then go back to my home page and read other articles

3) Report problem: Talk to your young, beautiful, single female friend’s and tell them about this page.

4) Troubleshoot: Are you a girlfriend expert and here to help? No thank you!  My “site” is closed for maintenance after a heavy hack attempt!

5)Have similar issues? There is nothing to do. Just live with it!

44 thoughts on “My Girlfriend”

  1. hhahaha, i thought you were referring to your camera!!! nice review on the bannerghatta national park, would you consider an ac bus instead of a normal bus?


    1. I haven’t taken the safari in an AC bus.. But from a photography point of view, non ac bus are better for 2 reasons.. 1) no glare from the glass windows, 2) you can put your lens out through the small circular gaps on the window grill allowing you to get close up pictures..


  2. Beautifully played! And there I was expecting to meet a similarly serious earth scientist with interests in photography and saving the world, and instead I meet a rather wicked practical joker – the other side of Sibin:)


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