About Excited Neurons

“Excited Neurons” brings to you everything I am excited about in life (and want to share with the world)! Be it photography, travel destinations, book reviews, science and technology insights, and occasional social issues, “excited neurons” covers all!

But why “Neurons”? 

For those who have never heard what a neuron is or forgot what you learned in school, read about them here, here, here and here. Even here.

Neurons transmit information. All of it. Let it be your emotions, creativity, memory, learning or even the mundane day-to-day activities, they are all born from electrochemical signals in your neurons (brain). So, if you create a painting, write an article, compose and click a beautiful photograph, enjoy a great meal, appreciate a new place, they are nothing but depended on neuronal wiring in your brain and how they communicate! 

So, when I say I am excited about something, it is the neurons that are getting “excited”! (Even biologically there is something known as excitatory synapse which allows the neurons to communicate with each other and transmit information). We all are just a million bunch of neurons talking to each other! Hence, everything in this blog is a result of my brain neurons getting excited and doing its job! Hence the blog “Excited Neurons”!

Note: The actual working of the human brain depends not just on neurons but a lot more players. It’s just that neurons are the major one and my favorite!