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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside


Posted as part of Daily post weekly photo challenge

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Comments on: "Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside" (32)

  1. It appears you have a gift for capturing both the moment and the feelings behind it. great take on the “inside” challenge.

  2. so sad…………..

  3. Oh, I hope there’s more to his habitat! Poignant image!

  4. Pain in loneliness – an inevitable experience for every life forms..

  5. That resigned expression is heartbreaking.
    Great take on the challenge though

  6. This is remarkable… Those hands are so human. ;-)

  7. it’s one thing to lock up recalcitrant human beings, but these magnificent, innocent creatures? Inside is not where this fellow should be.

  8. This made me sad though your composition is excellent..what a way to live..

  9. I was feeding a turtle in a tank earlier today for some friends who are out of town. I wondered how he felt about his life in a tank; it’s not natural. This photo reminds me of that–same theme.

  10. this image just breaks my heart

  11. Heartbreaking, but a very vivid representation – well done!

  12. Oh gosh…the face! it is very sad, though fitting of the theme.

  13. Tragic!

  14. Another sad viewer here.

  15. It is a jail..this is no deed of humanity..very sad

  16. That is definitely inside… poor thing.

  17. Sad picture, but appropriate take on this week’s theme.

  18. autumninbruges said:

    I’d love to see the people who did this inside that cage… poor creature!

  19. I can’t get myself to ‘Like’ this. :( But good representation of the theme :)

  20. Excellent translation of inside. Nice.

  21. Oh the poor creature what a miserable existence.

  22. I have never felt comfortable with traditional zoos – this is heart-wrenching.

    • But it is said that, zoo animals wont survive in the wild, even if they are released…So they have to live their life in the zoo itself… :(

  23. makes me sad :(

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