Just another article, about you.

While we celebrate completion of yet another round of Earth orbiting the Sun, it's time to retrospect how my blog "E-Shibin: The eternal truth" performed in 2015 and share with you few interesting observations. My intangible bond with procrastination was the key culprit in limiting my new posts published during 2015 to just four (but, one more than in… Continue reading Just another article, about you.


“Apple Apologizes” and Why I am not an Apple fan!

---------------------------------------- Here is a simple, non-technical explanation on the basics on which this years   Nobel Prize in medicine  winning work is based on. http://wp.me/p1z4hZ-d6 Please do read and leave your opinion! TY -------------------------------------------------------------------- Well well... Apple CEO Tim Cook has come up with an Apology about issues with Apple Maps in their latest i Phone!… Continue reading “Apple Apologizes” and Why I am not an Apple fan!


Letter to my Girlfriend….

My Dear Google, Happy birthday!!!!! 14 years since you came into my life....And today, you are my life, my sweet heart... I still remember the day i first met you! Do you? It was a rainy day and i was striding through the corridors of my school. I was thinking about the implications of World… Continue reading Letter to my Girlfriend….


An Email to you with the “Email post” from my Email

Wow! This is my first blog post as part of the Daily post weekly writing challenge and this weeks challenge is "Mail it In" This is a great challenge! Not just a writing challenge, but a technical challenge too! I am trying to publish a WordPress post using my email. (If you are reading this,… Continue reading An Email to you with the “Email post” from my Email


“Safest place to be on Dec 21, 2012” and more…

This post is about some interesting words and sentences people search in Google, as a result of which my blog links appear in their search results.  Whenever my blog web address or my article link gets displayed in "Google search" results, I get to know, what the person has "searched for" . I cannot find out who… Continue reading “Safest place to be on Dec 21, 2012” and more…


My Wedding Preparation! :P

If ever I am going to get married, then the role of Technology in organizing the event is eminent. Here is a "preview" into it, so that when the time comes, you don't get a shock! Dont forget to add your comments at the end of the article if you "feel like" telling something! First of… Continue reading My Wedding Preparation! 😛


Are you Human? If YES, read this…

Below is a real life incident narrated by a friend of mine. All I am asking you to do is; Read it, if needed twice or more, and think for sometime, where your conscience lies in the matter. Think about the society you live in, think  about the people around you, think about the laws in our… Continue reading Are you Human? If YES, read this…


What people search !

Since my blog is listed in Google, my statistics page show, which all "Google search terms" people typed, as a result of which my blog page/article came up on their search result and thus ended up visiting my page. Many of the search terms are common words but some search terms are worth sharing! Below… Continue reading What people search !


Why Sachin should retire (Now)

------------------------------------------------------------------ NB: This post was written in March-2012. I haven't updated the statistics after the Asia cup. The recent Test series with NZ again showed signs of Sachin's ineffectiveness. Being bowled out in 3 consecutive innings is one of the last things a world class player would like to see in his career. The frustration… Continue reading Why Sachin should retire (Now)


Mahabharata – a mere story?

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”  ― Dr. Seuss The title of this post-"Mahabharata - a mere story?", is exactly the opposite to what one of Dr Seuss's quotes have to say. I am not here to answer that question but to know what you think about the epics Mahabharata and Ramayana.  The… Continue reading Mahabharata – a mere story?