Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

———————————————————————- Please do read about the layman version about what this years Nobel Prize in Medicine is all about here (Opens in New Tab) ————————————————————————— Big….. A relative word in a relative world. For you, for me, for every other blogger, for any reader- the definition of “Big” keeps changing! Our senses, our attitude, our […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

It’s not just about what we have, it’s what we dream for.
It’s an emotion An emotion which drives anyone to reach their goals.
Its Possession – The feel that he or he is mine and no one can ever dream for her.
Its hatred Causing people to fight each other in the name of religion and beliefs
Its authority Telling others how superior you are or how better you live.
Its freedom.
Its family
Its loneliness
Mine….Its everything….

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