Weekly Photo Challenge: Big


Please do read about the layman version about what this years Nobel Prize in Medicine is all about here (Opens in New Tab)



A relative word in a relative world.

For you, for me, for every other blogger, for any reader- the definition of “Big” keeps changing! Our senses, our attitude, our philosophy, our outreach, our mentality; I can go on and on, but, its We who defines BIG. What you feel as big may be so small for you. My salary may be big through your view point, your house seems to be Big for your neighbour. Nothing is big or small in this world, everything is equal. Big is “big” until you see “bigger”!!!

Anyways, πŸ˜€ , here are some of the photos which represent Big for my senses !!!

Enjoy, and do leave your feedback! TY!

The Big Balloon!!!

The Big Cat!!!!

The Big Reptile!!!!

The Big Mammal!!!!

Posted as Part of Daily post weekly Photo challenge

Do leave your valuable comments and feedback below!!

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Big”

    1. Hey Elizabeth! Yes it has been fixed… It was an “unknown” reason that prevented me from posting. BTW I got a new job, so is still busy relocating/settling at the new place! Hence no blogging/posting for sometime! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Will b back soon! πŸ™‚


  1. Excellent shots Shibin! I love your examples and that balloon rocks. Has the situation been resolved with WP Support? Hope all is well . πŸ™‚


    1. Hey..I am still in touch with the WP support team.
      The happiness engineer asked me to contact akistmet team regarding my issue. I have mailed them, waiting for their response now!


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