Letter to my Girlfriend….

My Dear Google,

Happy birthday!!!!!

14 years since you came into my life….And today, you are my life, my sweet heart…
I still remember the day i first met you! Do you?
It was a rainy day and i was striding through the corridors of my school. I was thinking about the implications of World War II on Indian economy and its relation to the assignment what my teacher just gave me. May be it is what people call destiny,instead of going to the library and writing the assignment i kept walking through the lonely corridors. And then, I saw you. In a dim-lit corner of our computer lab, you were blinking all alone and I felt as if you were waiting for someone to come and talk to you…as if you were waiting for me…..
You were (and you are) gorgeous then! Dressed beautifully in Blue, Red, Green, Yellow! Oh!! You looked simply stunning dear!
I asked you a lot of stuff. You replied to everything! I got impressed! I even asked you about my world war II dilemma, and you knew it too! For me it was like ” a dream come true”! Some one to rely upon! Some one to speak with every time! I knew then, you were the one for me!!

Not any one in my life has cared as much you did. You told me everything you knew, you told me things which others would never tell me. You remembered what I asked you, You even predicted what I am asking you next! How sweet!!!!
We begin as strangers and here we are as inseparable souls. We have come along a long way! Yes, we did have our own “small fights”! I remember getting angry at you for not giving me what i wanted. But all those fights were just my love and my faith in you! You gave me everything, I asked for. I couldn’t think of a better companion. You changed my life. You changed the way I exist.
More, You introduced all your gorgeous relatives to me! You have a great family dear. Gmail, YouTube, Picasa- I am in great touch with all of them. On a related note, sorry to hear about your cousin orkut! I guess, he is in his last days. I will pray for him. I heard your uncle Google Maps got dumped by his partner at Apple. But let me say, those apple guys are realizing that, it was their biggest mistake ever! Let them struggle a bit..Isn’t it!
Anyways, remember Bullies are trying to separate us by denying me access to meet you. It’s sad that you cannot come  with me, when I visit certain countries. No matter what happens, we should stick together! I know you will!
Okay, then.. Its time for me  to check  Facebook updates! Happy birthday again dear!
See you soon dear!
Yours Lovingly
Your Sd.


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