Weekly Photo Challenge : Solitary


Posted as part of Daily post weekly photo challenge

Solitary! Being the only one- Every one of us, some time in our life, would have gone through such a phase. Sometimes, we prefer it, sometimes the society makes us to be solitude, or even sometimes, even without noticing, we realize we are in a state of solitude!

Its an emotion. It is a way of expressing our self, its a way of showing anger, protest, sadness, happiness-You name whatever emotion you know, solitary becomes an part of it for many of us.

Its an art. Yes, being in a solitude state is an art. Away from the chaos, away from the busy world, some time alone, to find the inner self, to know our true potential, to forget our miseries practice the art of solitude!

And yes Solitude is part of my life. Very Much!!!

What about you???


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5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Solitary”

  1. Perfect click! Seems as if I m really seeing it on the screen…! Doesn’t it bloom in a deeper reddish shade? I love the deeper color blooms …My aunt has it in her gardens..!!!
    But lovely click… 😀


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