Getting rid of Drug side effects

You thought that was possible?

Well; you may try what is shown in the picture!! 😀

(Do read the article below the photo.)

WARNING: Cutting the sides of the drug doesn’t get rid of its side effects! It in turn just reduces its efficacy, which is BAD for you

The drug you take, is designed for a purpose. To cure you! Or at least try to!

Drug’s side effects are inevitable. If scientists make the drug such that, it doesn’t have any side effects, then, well, the drug itself wont work. When a drug, which is a chemical, gets into your body, it undergoes many changes, goes through many pathways, (depending upon the route of intake) and interacts with many compounds in your blood, before reaching its target site. The drug is first absorbed, then distributed, metabolized and then eliminated. And between these lies the effect as well as toxicity. Drugs taken through mouth (oral drugs), from your digestive system, goes to the liver before getting into blood circulation and eventually reaching the site of action. Most part of your drug gets metabolized by liver enzymes and very less amount of “active” drug reaches its destination. In pharmacology, this is called “hepatic first pass”. So, the concentration of the drug is designed in such a way that, the drug has enough active components to give a positive response and along with this concentration, do  comes side effects. But, if we cut the chemical compound too much, so that no side effects will be present, then the drug will not be enough to do its “job”.

Every second, everywhere in your body thousands of chemical reactions are taking place. A sea of chemicals interacts among each other and each of these reactions are part of different biological pathways upon which you depend on. The drug chemical, again can interact with many of these compounds and alter/slow down/pace up many reactions, which you experience as  “side effects” . But do remember that, these drugs, come out into the market after years and years of intense research, that, all possible interactions are studied and its effects are accounted for.

So, consider side effects as “part” of your treatment! No drug is designed to kill you! You get killed only when you weigh your decisions above your doctor’s decision and take drugs as you wish. Overdose is the main reason for side effect related death/casualties and not normal dose. So, side effect. let it take its course…You just finish your drug course!


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