Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

Trains-The Indian Railway-Especially its local train service —is something which touches the daily life of majority of people living in metros.
Its an integral part of their life. Its in their blood, the relation with the Indian railways! A day, the railway network in Mumbai is down,  the entire city go to a stand still.

NB: The photo was taken during a Sunday! So no much commuters!! If it was a working  day, then people would be sitting over the train in Mumbai. Every day, fatal accidents occur, when some one tries to cross the line in hurry, or try to get on board a running train, or sometimes gets electrocuted  by the over laying electric lines!

Posted as part of Daily post weekly photo challenge

24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life”

  1. Very beautiful picture. I like trains. I am not expecting this kind of picture with theme everyday life. But you point it best. Good job.
    My share is not so every day life too, it;s about Indonesian cloth Batik. Hope you have a time to read it.


  2. I like that the trains are empty. They work so hard during the week, they need a rest 🙂


    1. TY for the feedback.
      What you saw in Slumdog Millionaire is no way an exaggeration. General Indian railway stations are not like that, but Mumbai, its more than what you see in the movie. I was in Mumbai for 4 months and i needed to use the suburban train system daily. For the first week, i was unable to get into trains on time, and had to wait for 3-4 trains to go by, so that I can get into a “less crowded” train. Luckily they have trains every 2 minute during peak hours, but still, the crowd is unbearable. I used to leave at 5 30 AM, so that i can get a seat in the train. By 6AM itself, the train becomes over crowded! Coming to the scene in SDM, at that station, at a time, around 5-6 trains come, all packed fully, so every time the station is packed!!!


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