My Wedding Preparation! :P

If ever I am going to get married, then the role of Technology in organizing the event is eminent. Here is a “preview” into it, so that when the time comes, you don’t get a shock! Dont forget to add your comments at the end of the article if you “feel like” telling something!

First of all,


EVERYONE in my family and friends will get  an Invitation. NOT an e-mail or Facebook invitation (As many does these days), but a REAL wedding  invitation card for you! No matter, where on earth, or even if you are staying at the ISS,you will receive one, if you are my friend or family!.

 You WONT hear any “bells jingling” when you open the Invitation card, but instead you will find a “key card” attached to it . The key card is exclusively for you to use at the wedding as the card will give access  at 1) the Hotel room I booked for you, 2)  The wedding hall ( since you need to swipe the card to get in or out as I need to know; at what time you are coming for my wedding and how early or late you leave!)) and 3) at the Dining hall (You can enter only ONCE to the dining hall 😛 ). So, don’t forget to bring the key card along! (In case you have memory issues like Alzheimer’s disease or similar, and you forget to bring the key card, just tell  the Hotel receptionist, they will “take care” of your problem.


Whenever I go for a wedding, the most common and the most distracting sight is the flurry of photographers and videographers swarming the wedding stage. You try to get a good look at the bride and groom, especially during the “tying the knot” ceremony and all you will see is the back of the camera crew. 😦

Well, At my wedding, you WILL NOT have any such problem! Video recording and photographing are made completely automatic that too using HD cameras installed at different locations and angles in and around the stage.  ( There are many who come for wedding with intentions other than eating food and taking part in the ceremony. If you are one among them, watch out!). You will get a very clear view of Myself and my bride (Yes, bride) during the wedding.

Inside the hall, in front of your seat ( actually on the  seat in front of you) there will be touch screen with a few questions on it like – “Out of 10 how much you rate the couple” , “Out of 10 how much you rate the bride”, “Out of 10, does the groom gets 8, 9 or 10/10? ” so on. The answers to those questions will NEVER influence my decision to come and meet you and your family after my wedding. (BTW, if you are sitting in the front row, you will get an i-pad to answer these questions.)


Nowadays a wedding seems to be “incomplete” if you don’t have a website for it! Well, my wedding will also  have an exclusive website (Not a WEBPAGE hosted on any other event organizers website) but a .com website just for my wedding. (something like http://www.shibinweds________.com). What matters is what is INSIDE the website.  Read it below.

May be you are an  extremely busy person, or may have other important appointments on the day of my wedding, or say, you just don’t want to watch me getting married in real ( applicable mainly to my ex girlfriends).  So, for all of you who cannot attend my wedding in person, you can go to the website  and watch the LIVE streaming of my wedding. From even the lowest quality video stream (for people still using Ancient internet) to Blue Ray quality HD transmission will be available in the website! It doesn’t end there, if you have a 3D TV at home, you can even watch the 3D LIVE transmission of my wedding! REMEMBER: Live telecast is ONLY during the wedding. There is NO POINT in coming back to the website  “some hours later” to check whether something else is streaming LIVE. All you will see is the message “Oops..You don’t have permission to view this content! 😛 )

Another interesting option for those watching my wedding online, is the ability to  choose your own background music during my wedding (Instead of the standard “Nadaswaram”) .You may choose from different genre of music depending upon your taste and even a “collection” of sad songs are  added to the list. (mainly for my ex-girlfriends again).  If you like to wish me after the wedding, an option for live video chat is also enabled.

Wedding for the visitors also means FOOD. I know, how hard it will be for those who cannot attend my wedding to miss the food at the wedding. Dont worry! Here is what you can do… On your key card (which you received along the Invitation card) , you will find a 16 digit code (something like :P2345T786G5TT53Y) which  you can use to buy food from any of the food stores/hotel where online food ordering is possible. You will find a “Redeem Shibin’s wedding food” link on all such websites after my wedding. (NB:The amount you get is equal to the amount I spend on each persons food during the wedding,you will get to know the amount a few days before the wedding, also note that this code works just ONCE)


Reaching the venue is easy. It will be a place accessible by Road, Rail,Waterways and Airways. On the “Key card” you received, you will find a QR code embedded on it. Scan the QR code with your smart phone and the programme will tell you the exact location of the wedding and instructions on how to reach there.  On the key card, you will also find GPS co ordinates written over it.  (Something like: 11* 53′ 27.74″ N 75* 28′ 07.51″ E). If you don’t have a smart phone with QR code reader, enter those co ordinates in Google earth/maps and it will show you the details on reaching the venue. If you are coming by car, you can add those GPS coördinates to your car’s GPS assist system. If you don’t want to use any of these methods, look at the Invitation card, it will have the address printed on it.

More technology options will be added with time. I am planning to give a  “Google glass” to everyone who cannot make it to my wedding, so that you can watch my wedding through it.

PS: Presents in Presence (with key card) only!

More updates soon!

Do leave your “comments”

7 thoughts on “My Wedding Preparation! :P”

  1. LOVE This! I’ve actually planned my wedding I’ll never have but it’s nowhere near as cool as this! *back to the drawing board!* HAHA


  2. y nt include robots too;-) it was nyc reading shibin,…after reading ts i thnk shud get used to technology,am nt as such a techie person……


  3. wow!!! now thats what i call a 21st century wedding!!! pls do reserve a 1st row seat 4 me, if I am invited, u kno :P…..and just curious to know whether there will be any security system to detect the i-pad, which I might have ‘accidentally’ ( humans do make mistakes sometimes) slipped into my bag??? :P…if so pls do mention the details of your security system! That would really help….:P….


  4. Lol.. this is probably how most of the weddings will be a couple of years down the line. You can suggest these ideas to people who can actually afford it right now 😛


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