Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

Waiting for the passengers….Metro Train, Bangalore, India

Posted as part of weekly photo challenge by daily post word press blog

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey”

  1. a beautiful composition. i never knew that a train station in India could look so empty 🙂 i understand from your comment below that this is after the passengers have left.
    thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks for your input! As u said, Indian train stations never look empty! Here at Bangalore Metro stations, the passengers are to compulsorily move away from the train immediately after they alight. I sneaked in without being noticed by the guards and took the photo of the train 😛


  2. This photo has an interesting perspective. I like the lines converging at a point off to the right of the photo. And this looks like such a clean, modern station!


    1. It was 11’o clock at night and this photo was taken just after all the passengers left the train and the photo was taken at one of the least crowded station!


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