Bannerghatta National Park, Bengaluru: Travel review

A visit to Bangalore City is incomplete if you don’t plan a trip  to Bannerghatta National Park (referred as BNP here after). Located around 25 Km south of Bangalore city, BNP is one of the most exotic national park in the country.

 I made my first visit to the park on Feb 13, 2012 (and again on June 16, 2013 and again on June 5 2014 and again on September 12 2014 ) and had one of the best “wildlife” experience in my life. During my first plans to visit BNP, i did a detailed “Google” search on reviews about the park and was a bit disappointed with the results. All I could get was standard information like working hours and photos of the animals present at the park, as well as random reviews on and websites, but failed to get a “traveler point of view” review, which prompted me to write one! I update this review often with the latest update on Feb 28, 2015. In this review, i try to feed in details a person should keep in mind while visiting the park (including some “amateur” photography tips) and not discuss the detailed flora and fauna present there, which eventually you are going to experience! If you have some specific questions about the park, unanswered in this review, then please feel free to ask the same via the comments section at the end of the review. Also, do leave a comment if you find the review helpful :)

This review so far (As on Feb 28) has been read by about 40,000 readers! 

Part 1 of this review deals with details on reaching BNP, car parking and ticket details, facilities outside the park and other basic details, while Part 2 deals with what is inside the park and safari details with photography tips.


Reaching Bannerghatta:

If you are new to Bangalore, or say you are not familiar with the different roads and bus routes in Bangalore, the best thing to do, wherever your place of stay be, is to reach the Kempegowda Bus Station a.k.a Majestic Bus Station (Opposite to Bangalore City Railway Station). The most convenient (even though not the cheapest) way to reach BNP is to use the BMTC Vajra AC bus from Majestic station, platform 4, bus number 365. Board 365 itself and not any other similar numbers like 365A or 366. You may get ordinary, non-AC buses too, but taking an AC bus has its own advantages. First of all, the journey from bus stand to BNP will take around 1 and half hours in non peak hours and up to 3 hours in peak traffic. So its better to travel in an AC Bus. Also, the AC bus will be less crowded and you will have a bus conductor who can understand English. Plug in your i-pod or any entertainment device you have or plunge into the book you were reading, and have a happy, silent, cool and safe journey.

The cost of bus ticket for Vajra 365 is 80 rupees one side. If you are planning to come back all the way to Bangalore city then DO NOT buy the ticket itself, instead ASK the conductor of the bus for a daily VAJRA pass. It cost 140 rupees ( As on Oct 27, 2014), but the advantage is that you can use that pass to travel for the day in any bus including non-AC buses (except AC Vajra to airport a.k.a Vayu Vajra and Hop ON Hop OFF service ) So if you are planning to go anywhere else the same day other than BNP, you don’t need to pay the bus fare! Even if you are going straight back to main bus stand you save 20 rupees!  BNP is the LAST stop for the 365 bus. Many people will get down at the penultimate stop, which is Bannerghatta Junction, hence don’t get confused and follow them, the bus will take you all the way to the BNP.

New!!!!!! Sikkim Photo Tour: A collection of memorable photos taken during my trip to Sikkim in Dec’14 (Opens in new tab, do go though it!)

For people coming by private car, taxi, bikes so on…

For those who are planning to reach BNP using their own vehicles, there is ample parking space available at BNP.  The parking fee will be collected even before you enter the BNP premises, just outside the old gate, by BNP officials itself (Which is on the way to the new gate). Simply put, on the way, just before you enter BNP, you have to pay the parking fees and you don’t need to get out of the car, they will come to you! :) There are 2 or 3 spots where you can park your vehicle, all of which are walking distance from the entry and exit gates of BNP. I didn’t find any security persons at the parking places monitoring the parked vehicles, but generally it is a safe place to leave your vehicle and go, provided you lock your vehicle properly!

Below is the picture of a parking space which is just across the road,  near a Dosa Camp. A privately run children’s play area and fun zone is present near this parking place.

Once you reach BNP:

The best time to visit the national park is when it opens! REMEMBER:The NP is closed on Tuesdays The official working hours for BNP is from 9AM to 5PM.  But the ticket counter opens only around 9: 30-9:45. With time, the crowd increases exponentially and if you are lazy enough to reach only around, say 11 AM, then come ready to stand in queue for hours! Get up early, reach the bus stand by 7-7:30 AM, you will reach BNP before 9. If you leave from bus stand anytime between 8 AM and 10 AM, the traffic in Bangalore will be beyond your imagination. The outside of BNP will look deserted(in the mornings), you have the BMTC BNP Bus stand, a state govt “promoted” hotel and “Dosa camp” and a few shops which mainly sells “Lays”, bottled “desi” water and cigarettes. (Dont expect to get Kinley/Bisleri water or 3 star quality food anywhere near if you go in the morning). Better buy a bottle of water and a packet of biscuit before you begin!  By the time i reached (at 8:30 AM :) ), the hotel was not yet open but the Dosa stall was, and trust me, the “Dosa” was good! The inside of BNP is a PLASTIC FREE ZONE so PLEASE  don’t throw away any plastic wrappers or bottles inside the park. Carrying a bottle of water is okay but remember to keep it inside your backpack, or the guards will ask you to leave it at the entrance.

“Mayur Vanasree Restaurant” is a hotel at BNP run by the Karnataka State Tourism development corporation. It opens around 11 AM, and it is the only hotel at BNP where you can get good food at reasonable price. The hotel serves both Vegetarian and Non-veg food and their menu includes almost all food items which you get at a multi cuisine restaurant like Rice items, Noodles Items, Soups, Veg curries, Veg dry fries, Chicken curries, Chicken dry fries, Tawa times, Snacks, Tea, Coffee, Juice, Ice creams so on…. I had my lunch during my second visit from there and the food was good. :) Packed drinking water is also available.

The purpose of my second visit to BNP on June 16 was to collect more details about the “life outside BNP”. During my first visit, I reached BNP at 8 AM, and the place was quiet and lonely. But the second time, what I saw was a totally different atmosphere. People were flocking around the kinds of shops and stalls outside BNP. Different variety of food and fruit juices are available at the local stores. You can find shops selling fruits, fruit juices like Mango juice, sugarcane juice so on, shops which sell local vegetables, shops selling corn, kinds of baked food items so on. Other than shops selling food related stuffs, there are a lot of shops which sell fancy items like cap, dolls, variety of children toys, locally made craft items.

Near the “Dosa camp” there is a pretty big children’s play area which offers a variety of  “joy rides”.  It can be called as a mini amusement park with rides like Giant wheel, a small merry-go-round so on. Horse ride facility is also present there. Do note that, this facility is not that of BNP, but is a privately run park, and hence safety and reliability of their services cannot be guaranteed.

The BMTC bus stand at BNP has a shopping complex along, and a lot of shops which sells standard consumer items  are present there. Another important facility at the BMTC  bus stand at BNP is a clean, spacious, well-managed TOILET. It is a pay and use toilet, but as a result of which, it is maintained in a proper way. Drinking water filling facility, both cooled and ordinary is also available inside the bus stand shopping complex.

All the buses towards Majestic and other parts of Bangalore leave from here.


The BNP has 3 sections to visit The Zoo, The forest and a Butterfly park. The most important, obviously is the forest trip ( known as Safari) where you can come across the “wildlife” in its natural habitat. The ticket fare for the Safari is 210 rupees which also include the admission to the zoo. (For children and Senior citizens, there is concession). You may read in other reviews that depending on the day, the fee changes, but it does not. Every day, whether it be Sunday or Monday, it is 210 per head (as on 16 June 2012). You need to take SEPARATE ticket for your camera, which is 25 rupees per camera. The ticket to the butterfly park is available at the gate of the butterfly park and not at the main ticket counter. Regarding what is inside the zoo, forest and park, i am not wasting any space and time by writing about it, because almost every animal whose name a common man knows are found inside, if you visit all 3 sections of the park.

NB: As per a comment from Mr. Srinivasan, AC buses are now available for Safari. Will confirm the same very soon. I am pasting the comment below. (Update: The info is correct and there is AC safari service now)

“There was a A/C bus safari for which you have to pay Rs. 500 per person. There is only one bus. The person issuing ticket will be just outside the main ticket counter. It is the same safari; just that it is an air conditioned vehicle. The timings were 11:45, 12:45, 14:45 & 15:45. (Please note 13:45 is not there as it seems it is lunch time)”


Inside the park:

The safari starts only around 11 AM and hence you will be “advised” by the guards to visit the zoo till then, if you reach at the time of opening.You can do that, BUT the only demerit i find in that decision is that, during that time, i.e 9 30 to 10 30 or so, the morning cleaning work around the zoo will be on its course and hence it will be very chaotic .The upside is that you can see the zoo animals having their breakfast (Which is a pleasure to watch :) ) for instance like the bear in the picture is eating its daily dose of sugarcane!

So, the zoo is like any other zoo, animals are caged, (but properly taken care of), some animals look at you in total despair ,some like the leopard doesn’t care whether you are there or not and keeps fighting each other while the zebra would love to get a touch of your hand on its forehead! Again as all zoo administration say, let me remind you DO NOT feed the animals. An out of context point here, if any of you really want to know the life of animals in a zoo and how a boy survived a long sea expedition with a Bengali tiger in a boat, read the Novel “Life of pi” by Yann Martil (Which eventually was made into the movie). It’s a Booker prize-winning novel, and its an awesome read!

Safari Buses queued outside BNP

Photography Tips:

The authorities take you for safari in a completely “iron grilled” bus, but beside each seat there will be a 10 cm diameter circular gap through which you can put your camera lens out! It doesn’t matter, on which side you sit in the safari bus (but try to get a side seat, if you are a photography addict), it’s all up to the animals to decide when and where to appear ,eventually you will find animals on both sides of the bus!  If you have a SLR camera then you “may” get some “respect” from others while taking pictures, but if you have just an ordinary compact camera (like i had) then you will struggle a lot, to capture images, as you and your camera will get surrounded by mobile phone photographers! The only thing which you can do is be attentive,spot the animals before others do!  So like “hit and run” it is “spot and run”  to the nearest view hole in the bus grill and click the pictures.SLR camera owners, don’t forget to bring your tele zoom lens (if you have them)!

Sometimes the animal will neither come to the left of the bus nor to the right ! Instead they will come and rest right in front of the bus, on the road! So be quick to reach to the front of the bus if you are sitting in the middle or behind. The bus glass is usually clean and hence you will get good pictures,but all that counts is whether you can make it to the front of the bus in time before other cameras flood the area! I managed to get the photo shown here by standing on one leg and leaning forward, i was almost horizontal to the ground when i clicked this! Please do visit my Facebook photography page for more photos taken with my compact camera during the trip and other pictures I have taken. REMEMBER: The way in is NOT the way out. So don’t think that you can  take  photos when you come back. There is no coming back! Hence if you find some real photographic moments just click! click! click! Another note to professional photographers; the NP is also a place of unbelievable natural beauty! Some landscape locations are beyond words. But unfortunately, the bus stops only when they spot an animal and NOT at scenic “hot spots”. So be bold enough to ask the driver to stop the bus and reverse if necessary (they do the reverse the bus when they spot animals) and take your shots at such locations. (End of the day it’s up to the driver to listen to you or not :P )


 Initial few square kilometers of the park is dedicated to animals like bison, deer and other non-flesh eating animals. You can see them very closely, eating their food, or playing around. They generally do not come near the bus, but still you will have plenty  to see around during this part of the safari . A large number of deer family are found here.


Not just at the zoo, but even inside the forest you can see a lot of bear. I saw around 15 bear and they are really friendly! They come near the bus, pose for you and even give a shake hand if you put your hand out through the view hole! (Warning: Do not try it, i was just making a point!)


You can see a lot of tiger and tigress including white tigers. It is  a pleasure to watch the tigers coming near the bus! There are some “attitude” tigers too,who even after seeing the bus will not give a look at us, at least for a photograph! As i mentioned before, if you are lucky some tiger will come on the road and lie there for some time! (The bus does not honk them away, its their place and we are the visitors!)  Inside the tiger safari area there is a special zone dedicated to white tigers including artificial space for recreation!


During my trip, I was less fortunate to see the lions at close distance. It may be because, it was the wrong time we chose, or they generally do not come closer, but none of the lions came near the bus, even though we spotted many lions. In fact, all the  lion which i saw was taking rest at their bamboo parks and some lioness were taking a bath!


Once you finish with the safari, the bus will drop you at the gate of the Butterfly park. As the name suggest, they do have a lot of butterfly and a few monkeys too! As i mentioned  before, you need to take separate ticket to enter the butterfly park. The ticket cost is 15 rupees per head. Here also you need to take separate ticket for your camera. Unless you have an SLR, don’t bother to take the separate ticket for your camera provided you keep your compact camera or  mobile phone inside your pocket.

Once you get inside the park, a pathway will lead you to the “real butterfly park”! What i mean is, along the pathway, you will find monkeys jumping around and butterflies flying but the real park is a few meters down the way. You will find a big building which looks like an abandoned building from outside with a semi rusted door (as on Feb 13 2012!). Open it! Inside is the real butterfly park with thousands of butterflies swarming around!

Outside the artificial butterfly park, there  are benches for you to rest. Have a seat, listen to the twittering of birds, watch the monkeys playing around and squeaking, take a 10 minute break and then leave for the bus stand. The way out from the butterfly park will lead you to the BMTC bus stand. There is a shop inside the bus stand shopping complex where you can get CCD coffee (during my second visit, the coffee machine was not working :( )! You will find ordinary buses, which ply towards the  majestic but wait for the Volvo Vajra 365 to come, enjoy a relaxing ride back to the city! Dont forget to show the pass to the ticket examiner!

With time, everything changes! By the time you plan to visit BNP things may have changed a lot. Those who visited once should come again. A photographer who forgot to take his tele zoom lens should come again, people who decided not to go to safari should come again. After all it is “nature at its best”. We don’t know how long the park will survive the way it is and most importantly what if the world ends on Dec 21 2012? :) (Oops…It didn’t end on 21-Dec-2012 :( )So, hurry up, plan a trip to BNP! Wish you a happy journey and a fabulous time ahead!

This post has received a lot of international visits (data from WordPress statistics), hence i have added an extra paragraph  with some more information exclusively for foreign visitors!


First of all the ticket rate for Foreigners is same as that for Indian citizens. I have personally inquired at the ticket counter regarding this during my second visit, and it was their reply that, for everyone, irrespective native or foreigner, the charges are same. 

The nearest airport is none other than the Bangalore International Airport and for reaching Majestic Bus station or any other important place in Bangalore, use the “Vāyu Vajra” AC Volvo bus service. The ticket fare from airport to majestic bus station is Rs: 240 and the bus number is BIAS-9. List of airport bus service to other destinations in Bangalore is available here. Remember, you cannot use the Vajra Daily Pass in Airport services, so buy the one day pass only when you go to BNP. At BNP, there is no difference in entry fee for foreigners or Indians. It is the same, so there is no need for you to pay extra money and buy the ticket ONLY from the ticket counter. No one can sell tickets outside the counter, so if some one approaches you with safari tickets, remember, they are trying to trick you! A tour guide is present in each safari bus, and you should pay them separately, if you use their service extensively. I leave it at your discretion, whether you have to seek their help or not. I suggest a 30 minute Google web and image search about Indian wildlife, before you begin as it may save you a few dollars! At the zoo, there are a few food courts which serves standard junk food! You may decide what to eat and what not to, once you reach there! A pay and use toilet is available at the zoo, but I suggest you to use it only if your nature’s call is so unbearable! (You can ask me whether this point is applicable for everyone. Well; No is my answer. If you are coming from an extremely clean hygienic environment, then even a slight change in hygiene will affect your immunity, so is the case with drinking water!). Summers in India are really hot and hence do bring a magazine along with you, which can be used as a “portable fan”, if your visit falls when the sun is out bright and strong! In the safari bus, if you are the ‘”lone foreigner” then you may get a chance to sit at the front seat along the driver and in that case you will have a fantastic journey. For that to happen, do a simple thing, ask the guide whether you can sit at that spot! They will generally oblige!

Who should NOT visit BNP:

People who hate animals, who like to find fault in every state-run institutions, who likes to scream and shout when they see something beautiful and interesting, who like to have animals respond when they say “hi” to them or anyone who thinks they own this world, STAY OUT from this beautiful place, it is not for you!


Once again, if you missed it above, do visit the Sikkim photo tour page for a visual treat!

Use the share options below to spread the word! Thanks in advance!

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    1. Okay…Q1) You ask the AC Volvo bus conductor itself for the pass or ordinary bus? Q2) Around what time you asked for the pass? Generally by noon all the daily pass with the conductor gets over…..So ask in the morning….. You will get it!

  40. Hey nice read… just a change though… 365 buses come on platform 15 at Kempegowda busstand… All other buses go to one stop shy of BNP. So u gotta take an auto from Bannerghetta circle

  41. change your background, you have such good info. the background dissuades me from reading it on the site.

  42. awesome information thanks keep doing such things because after reading this article i came to a decision to visit that place

    1. The background actually “test” your Internet connection!!!!!!! If background is colorful throughout the page, then your net is slow! If background design is only on the sides, and the background of text is white, then the page has loaded properly!

  43. Very well guided details you have mentioned. Thanks for this post. It is very helpful for people like us,who are planning to visit BNP.

  44. Hello Shibin,
    Excellent blog..quite a handful info abt BNP… Me and my wife have been planning since long, The world didn’t ended on 21/12/12, so definitely this time it seems after reading your post we’re sure going to give one shot on 1st Jan 2013..
    But I had a question in my mind..1st Jan being a Tuesday..whether the BNP will be open/closed?How do i find this info? Please advise.
    Bdw..have ou seen the movie adaptation of the novel “Life of Pi”..nice watch!
    Thanks & Regards,

    1. If it is a Tuesday, then the park will be closed, whether it be Jan 1 or Aug 15! All Tuesdays the park is closed for sure! And about Life of Pi, I went for Midnight premiere show!

  45. Hi Shibin
    Its really useful for those who plan for a visit to BNP.
    Keep going with ur gud work.

  46. Nice article..
    Small suggestion, please change the background… It makes difficult to read.

    1. Hi…are you seeing the background as the “splash of colours”? If yes, that actually is because, your page has not loaded completely. The background for the entire article is white and the design actually is only on the sides when properly loaded. Please inform me via reply whether you are seeing the background as “splash of colors” for even the article.

      1. The article is very useful for the person who is planning to go to BNP for the first time.
        I am also seeing the background as splash of colors is my computer. Thanks for the article

      2. Excellent post… Thanx Shibin…We r planning For BNP..specially for our kid..Your post is very useful for this visit. But we’ll go after 21/12/12..:)…..thanx again.
        Background of ur page is much colorful,Can u change ur font color? then it’ll look more artistic…

  47. Excellent post, very useful and detailed.. the blog design is so intense that its so hard to read the actual post itself. otherwise its excellent.

  48. Thanks for taking the trouble to write such a detailed blog. I was just looking for information on which day the park is closed, but ended up reading almost the entire blog.

  49. Hello Shibin, this is an excellent compliation. I am going to BNP tomorrow, and will look out for all the things u have mentioned! Thanks!!

  50. Its really a good note. Only thing is, we are missing about the Pregnant Women, Old Persons and Kids. I mean how they will find comfortable to visit this place.

    Thanks a lot for your valuable time and for such a nice post.

  51. Dear Shibin,

    A very helpful blog, i am planning to visit B’lore this weekend & we had been thinking of visitibf BNP quite sometime now, this time we will surely make it, thnak s a lot for your information & tips, it is very helpful

  52. Thanks for all the info. Is it possible to hire a jeep for about 10 people? I saw on net that it cost 2500 Rs. Not much for a western. Were can I call to book in advance? We are going ther Saturday morning. Thanks a lot if you have time to reply :)

  53. thanx for the review shibin, i was also wondering how long the whole thing would take & got my answer reading your comments page…maybe you should include the info in the review. am now wondering how long it will take from brookefield to bnp by car…any idea?

  54. we successfully enjoyed a trip to bnp with the help of your review… thank you so much

  55. Very useful, I was in dilemma whether to visit this place or not as i havnt received very good feedback from others, But i just love to watch animals and all.. very positive Post. Thanks! finally m goin tomorrow :)

    1. You cannot walk through the forest, you can only walk through the Zoo and the zoo does have leopard, bear so on….

  56. Thanks for a details description about BNP. It was awesome, i read all your blog including comments. it is very informative especially for a person unfamilier to this place. I am planning my trip next sunday (i know it is crowday but i don’t have other option). I booked my stay in Madivala. So which route should be ideal for me? (bus route). As you said i am planning to start early morning to reach there on time and avoid traffic blocks. after this I need to catch airavat bus from KSRTC satellite station to Mysore at 1:15 PM (i know i will run short of time but i got my booking only in this bus – Also i need to take atleast this bus to reach mysore on time to see palace illumination). This is my first time travel to banglore. How about the noon traffic in banglore. Can i reach satellite station on time if i leave from BNP by around 12:15 pm? what is the frequency of 365 bus?
    Thanks in advance..based on your reply i can plan my trip

    1. Hello, First TY for your feedback!
      Now, coming to your questions! I am not from Bangalore, so I do not know the bus routes there. :( But I guess reaching there wouldn’t be a problem. BUT I see issues when it comes to your return plan. Your bus from Mysore satellite station at B’lore is at 1:15 which means u have to reach there at least by 1 PM. When I did a Google map route analysis b/w BNP and the satellite station for buses, it showed me a time frame of 1 and HALF hours and the original travel time will always be greater than that. According to G maps, there isn’t direct bus b/w BNP and your satellite station and even from BNP it is not Bus 365 which you need to get in, but 366 it seems. But the point is, you will need MINIMUM 2 and half hours time frame b/w BNP and your bus leaving to Mysore. i.e, you need to leave BNP by 11 AM or before, in which case you cannot go for the Safari into the forest, and there isn’t any fun without going for the grant safari. Sooo….I really dont know how successful can be your trip to BNP. Now, having said all these, do inquire at the BNP bus stand about the travel time it will take to reach satellite station and about the bus number. OR even before going to BNP, call the BMTC customer care number and ask them about the travel time. Then only decide your trips. If you just want to see the zoo, then your time schedule seems okay. But i dont think you can go for safari with your time slot!
      Hope this helps

      1. Thanks for your prompt reply..I really appreciate your valuable time spent on this.

        Good luck.

  57. Shibin : Loved your blog. It is crisp an clear :)
    I’m planning to take my family to visit BNP zoo. My Kids are just a year old thinking the zoo will be the right place for them to see the animals and birds close enough. Do we get to see variety of animals and birds at the zoo ? I ask this question coz I heard that there are not many animals in BNP Zoo nowadays, Is that true ?

    1. TY for your feedback and sorry for the delay in replying.
      I guess as you said, just visiting the Zoo will be more than enough for the Kids. When I went there, (its about 6 months now), there were all sorts of animals in the zoo, let it be bear, cheetah, elephant, different kinds of birds so on so on. So, it would be enough to visit the Zoo alone and not take the safari. Seeing the lions and tigers coming towards the bus may even scare the kids!! :D :D . Also, visit the Butterfly park. Its so close to the Zoo, i mean walking distance. You can see a lot of butterflies and monkeys there, and also have places to take some rest! In short i would recommend visiting the Zoo AND the butterfly park!
      Hope this helps!

  58. i thought of starting at 2pm afternoon, but after reading your blog i decided to be stand there at BNP at 8.30am. very good blog.

    1. Dear Siva,
      According to what is written at BNP, outside food is not allowed. But if you are coming in a car, then you can bring your own food. Being said that, you will have difficulty in finding a place to eat if you bring your own food. The hotels wont allow you to eat there the food which you brought, also, you wont be allowed to take the food inside BNP since there is checking your bags before you enter inside.

  59. We are planning to visit BNP next week….i googled a lot to find the details about BNP…your blog gives me all information reg. entry fees, bus no., etc…thanks for posting this! Can u tell me whether we have to spend full day even if we are at the entrance by 9am? How long it wil take to visit all places inside BNP? If i know this i can be preapred…My son is 4yrs old…

    1. Hello. Thanks for your feedback! If u reach there by 9 AM, the park opens only by 10. by 10-30 to 11 you can start the safari. So, in case you start at 11, within 1 hour the safari will get over. 1 hour you can spend in the zoo and 1 hour at the butterfly park. So a total of around 3-4 hours seeing the entire place. So, by afternoon you will finish your entire trip at BNP. hope it’s clear

  60. Really great post!! Definitely useful, I am a travel freak and am always looking for new places to explore and I only wish there were posts like this one for every place I want to visit!! :)

    I just have on thing to ask. In the wikitravel page, I saw that there is a Lion-Tiger Safari in addition to the Grand Safari and it says you can see lions and tigers up clolse in that one.

    Do you know anything about this? Which safari is the better option?

    Thanks in advance! :)

    1. Hi, thanks for your feedback! See, the Grand safari includes Lion-Tiger safari, and in the grand safari you can see lion and tigers very very close. If it is the grand safari then you can see EVERYTHING. It includes everything-Lion, Tiger, Bear, so on. If you want Lion-Tiger safari alone, you would need to pay separately for that like going for a Jeep safari which will be very costly and is recommended for professional photographers intended to capture photos of Lion-tigers alone. So, go for the Grand safari, in which you can see Lions and Tigers so close, just like in the lion-tiger safari.!! Happy Traveling

  61. Could you tell how much time did it take for you to finish the safari that started at 11am. Or in other words what time did you exit the park.

    1. Extremely sorry for the delay in replying ( I had a broken right hand, so no typing for sometime :D). Coming to your question, actually i dont remember the time i came out. But the first photo i took after the safari begin was at 10:56 AM and the last photo i took during the safari was at 12:06 PM. So almost 1 hour!

  62. Generally, how long will it take to visit all places (zoo, Safari, butterfly park etc) here on a weekday (Monday).

  63. Good article, but I am curious if you can hike around the back side of the park and still be safe. Google maps shows the Muninagara trail. Is it legal to hike on this trail? Someone blogged about it, but was not specific of the does and dont’s and what to watch out for and general safety

  64. It is very informative and nice to read without getting bored… Thanks a lot. Already planned to go in September with camera. Thanks again.

  65. we r goin to visit tomorrow.. so searching fr reviews n got enough info. thx fr such a great review..

  66. Bindas!!!….Its a very nice review….
    I’m an engineering student from salem-tamilnadu…
    we students (around 120 members) are planning to go for BNP at aug-4,2012.
    How far it (BNP) is from Hosur? How long it takes? Is it possible for 120 members to have a lunch there?

    1. Hi…Thanks for the feedback! As i said, the only hotel in BNP is the one i mentioned in the blog, and it is a pretty big hotel. But do keep in mind that it is on a Saturday you are visiting BNP and it will be awfully crowded. Hosur-BNP is around 50 km, and time it depends on traffic intensity!
      Anyways, happy journey, enjoy, and if possible do write your experience after you come back!!

      1. Hi Shibin, I guess more convenient for the people coming from Hosur would be to take the NICE Road.
        It connects from Electronic City to Bannerghatta in no time and saves a lot of time.
        Of course it includes toll charges..

  67. Awesome and Honest review !
    Mate, can you throw some light for guys like me who would go by car ?
    How far is parking, how much do we have to walk on the way back from butterfly park to parking ?

    1. Thanks Rohit for your feedback! Yes, car parking facility is there at BNP, at it is very close to the BNP main entrance as well as the Butterfly park, means a few hundred meters maximum. I am mailing (have mailed) you the parking ticket rate as on June 2012.

  68. Shibin, Awesome Review!!!! I am sure I won’t be able find any other review better than this On BNP. Thank you so much!!!

  69. Hello Shibin,

    Going to BNP tomorrow following your suggestions to the dot. Haven’t seen a more impressive blog on BNP (have been researching for like a month). I’m an avid photo enthusiast (bunking office being the manager) and am super eager about tomorrow.

    Will try to provide links to my pictures here and will update you with any changes required in your blog.

    1. Hey Bharath!
      Thanks for the comment! I am in the process of updating this post right now, as i visited the place again a week before! So, in case you get this reply before you leave, do check the post again for additional info!

  70. Been a writer , your write up and the way you narrated this article is really a pleasurable read. A complete information and a personal inputs made for a great copy. Thanks for sharing.

  71. @ shibin: oh that would be very helpful.. cos as the table, it s too costly for foreigners. ill be wait ur review eagerly… tnx a lot for ur concerning.. :)

    1. Dear Tushar,
      Being frank, I do not know about private car parking facilities at BNP. There are enough open spaces just outside BNP,where i have seen cars being parked, but the level of security, I am not sure…

      1. hi shibin, after a lot of searching and googling about BNP, i finally think i have struck the right thing which i was searching. ur review was so mouth watering that i cant wait any longer to catch all the action at BNP live. planning to go tomorrow, insha allah. thanks for the review. will describe my experience tomorrow.

  72. Hey Shibin,

    Really good info and very well presented. I just applied for leave on 30/May (to avoid the weekend rush) to take my family for a visit to BNP. Will share my experience.

      1. sorry.. i have a doubt .. im foreignor and r u sure abt the pricefor entry fees are same for both indian and foreignors.. cos i found this info “Forest Department has decided to raise fees for all the national parks across the state. Forest department has not raised any fees in last four years. So they have decided it to increase this year with the increasing number of tourist and Government on plans to introduce night safari in some of the national parks.”

        Bannerghatta National Park

        Indian Foreigners
        Old New Old New
        Entry fee per day Rs.40 Rs.200 Rs.80 Rs.1000
        Safari in Dept Bus Rs.35 Rs.100 Rs.35 Rs.100
        Safari in Dept Jeep Rs.65 Rs.200 Rs.65 Rs.200
        PVT Vehicle Safari
        Jeep / Car Rs.550 Rs.1000 Rs.550 Rs.1000
        LCV Rs.1050 Rs.1500 Rs.1050 Rs.1500
        Bus / Truck Rs.1600 Rs.2500 Rs.1600 Rs.2500
        Guide Fee Per day Rs.200 Rs.500 Rs.200 Rs.500
        Elephant Joy Ride Rs.65 Rs.300 Rs.65 Rs.300
        Manual / Digital Camera No Hike No Hike No Hike No Hike
        HandyCam Rs.150 Rs.1000 Rs.150 Rs.1000
        Video Camera Rs.300 Rs.1000 Rs.300 Rs.1000

      2. Dear leyla!
        I did a Google search with the keywords in your comment and this info which you have provided was found to be dated Feb 2011. I visited there on Feb 2012! But since you brought this up, i am getting confused with the entry fees. Since i was not intending to write this review, when I visited BNP, i have not practically WRITTEN DOWN the rates in my notebook, so i am quite confused now with the rates as i vaguely remember the rates now! Well, i am visiting Bengaluru on June 16, and hence i will pay a visit to BNP, so that i can get the latest actual rates displayed outside the ticket counter.
        Will update the blog after that!!! Anyways thanks a lot for the info.

  73. I am planning to go to the BNP tomorrow and i found this post. I wold say Mind-Blowing. I also do a search before visting any place and this info is among the best.

  74. Hey Shibin,

    This was the most elaborate information that I would have come across from anyone about BNP. I was searching for some useful information to plan my trip to BNP and I found this. With the comments from the people about these information, I was sure that I can completely trust this. And after visiting BNP last week, I can reinstate that point to others who are planning for a trip to this place. Trust this blog and enjoy your visit to Bannerghatta National Park.

    Thanks a lot buddy for this info.

  75. Beutiful! I had been to the BNP yesterday with my family and I regret that living in Bangalore for more than 30 yrs never visited this beautiful place.
    Shibin, your review helped a lot and also inspired in a way to visit this beautiful place. Thanks a lot

  76. I think If we can go by a jip instead of bus, the journey will be more adventurous..

    1. Actually you can do that I guess…But you have to book the Jeep for yourself from their office and have to pay some good amount too.. (Got this info somewhere from the web)

  77. I think, I will suggest every one I know to read this blog when they plan for a day’s trip. I hate reading stories/articles as they’re boring/dragging and pysching. But this one was very well articulated (as human speech).

    Thanks Shibin for sharing such a wonderful review about BNP. This is the most exclusive and detailed blog I have come across after a very long time. It has been 15 years since I visited this place (in my childhood) and I can barely recall anything anymore. Back then the butterfly park didn’t exist. I have spent almost a decade doing a “Google” search on reviews about BNP and was disappointed with the reviews I have come across.

    But this one not just gives me a positive feeling about BNP, but also prompting me to explore this place shortly. Yes! I can’t wait to visit this place. As you mentioned “what if the world ends on Dec 21, 2012?” Lol.. a nice one :)

    I must thank you for sharing a lot of positive & mature feedback rather than finding flaws in everything you’ve seen. I surely will share my experience on this blog once I have visited this place. Btw, planning to go to the BNP on Sunday – April 22 with my family and witness the nature’s beauty. I’ll keep that in mind to be there before 9 am. Hopefully everyone starts early…

    Thanks again for sharing a beautiful experience. Good Luck & keep blogging!!!

    1. Thanks a lot Nishan for your feedback! Yours is the best comment so far for this review! Wishing you and your family a great trip to BNP on 22nd April!

  78. very good information and good tips for visitor’s especially nice experience you have shared
    on bnp

  79. Thanks man For Giving this wonderful info. We Planned to go tomorow..So need to catch the bus 7.30 in the morning. ba bye :)

  80. Well this is the most exclusive and detailed blog I have ever seen! I just felt like I just finished my safari through that bus and waiting in CCD for my bus!.. Well done!

    1. So .. I visited BNP last week. All I can say is its a must visit spot. Very near and convenient travel from bangalore. I went with bike. You can go by buses as well, you will find lot of good buses straight to BNP.

      Be an early bird if you wanna see all beasts. Chose for ‘Grand Safari’! and dont miss Butterfly garden. Its very small but good to see lot of colorful flowers.

  81. ur blogpost was of a gr8 help…i visited on 24 march 2012 after reading ur blog..i m from gujarat n visited bangalore 4 d 1st time..ur blog ensured that i dont land in any inconvenience and i reached the part comfortable ..n thats just bcos of ur blog..thanks dear…n

    1. Thanks a lot for the feedback! It is the first time someone is commenting “after” they have visited the park!Happy to know you had a great time and my blog helped your cause! Keep travelling !

  82. Thanks a lot for this informative and beautiful post Shibin. Me and my wife have been planning since long, this time it seems after reading your post we’re sure going to give one shot. God bless.

  83. The bloody friends who were staying in the viscinity of this wonder never took me there eventhough I was constantly demanding whenever i visited them.. I misd it.Shibin keep posting good posts like this.. all d best

  84. Good article … Nicely presented which could potentially help for those who are planning to explore BNP …

    If you like to get an essence of wildlife creatures living in a natural habitat, pls make a trip to Aringar Anna Zoological park (vandalur zoo) in Chennai.. It is one of the largest zoological garden in India and the highlight being the presence of a white tiger.. Its quite difficult to cover the entire zoo in a single day. I have visited more than 5 times, but still a vast majority of area is to be still explored

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