It is not what you think it is….


…Physical or mental, it is  always  painful!

This post is about one such pain which made me awake a whole night..

Ibuprofen , Paracetamol and Methyl salicylate with Diclofenac Diethylamine (or simply “Volini”)  always found their place in my “quick access” medicine kit , but they made out of the wrapper only when my feverish fun was out of control or someone broke my ankle! I did believe in   these folks effectiveness and hence whenever my liver enzymes badly needed company, i did not let them down.

I was having a wonderful time with my heath, ever needing these medicines for a long time, and one day things turned around.  I was facebooking with lot of concentration and out of no where my shoulders started paining. My mind searched the archives for any recent strenuous physical activities and all it could come up was “uploading” some photos over the net! Videos of how you should sit by a computer and use it,  fast forwarded in front of my eyes and sadly i couldn’t find any fault. The intensity of pain was breaching limits, that my brain could no longer concentrate on the search for possible reasons of this outburst.

The notion that time heals everything did not make its impact on my brain whatsoever and hence even after 6 hours, i could not get any relief! It was around 1 AM by then and i even tried calling my recently graduated MBBS cousin, but only to reach his voice box. At last i decided to seek help from  my friends- the mighty Pain killers…..The “quick access” kit was seen nowhere around and it took a solid 30 minutes to track down its location. Ibuprofen was missing and Paracetamol 500mg was over :( Paracetamol 650 is there but i wanted 1000 mg (500*2).  Well, i “adjusted” with the Para650 and waited….waited.. waited.. Nothing…..Not that the pain is gone, but nothing has changed. My Thalamus is doing all it can to make me suffer.. I moved on to my next hope.; the Volini spray….One of the strongest body pain reliever…i applied it on both shoulders as instructed….Waited….Nothing….Again….More Volini….Nothing!! More and moreVolini….I was spraying it like i was using AXE deodorant on my jeans…. !!!

I gave up! Volini and Para650 has let me down…Pain killers which are supposed to kill pain did not do it..I was, thinking of all the good times when Volini or para 500/650 came to my help. I was sad that they did not help when i wanted their company the most… I was laying on the bed, slowly coping with the pain and trying to befriend it.. It was around 5 AM when finally the sleep control center of my brain was able to defeat the pain control center and allowed me to get some sleep.

It was around 7 AM when i woke again and that was the window of opportunity the pain control center was looking for…Although the intensity was much much lower by morning, they were not ready to give up! The first thing i did was wake my laptop from “sleep” and Google-d “shoulder pain”. I needed to know why Volini didn’t work..What went wrong?  A few minutes was all i needed to find my answer…It was not Volini who let me down! It was my brain itself! My brain was fooling itself and in turn myself!

This is what happened…..

Problem at the cervical spine of the neck generates pain that our brain will interpret as arising from the shoulder! There is nothing wrong with my shoulders! My brain was just thinking that the pain is arising from the shoulder when in reality it is from the neck! It was then i remembered the incident which took place the day before. It was just for a fraction of a second, but i did twitch my neck during my afternoon nap! But it was painless…Then and after… Why spray the shoulder muscles with pain killers when there is nothing wrong there? It was at the neck region i needed to apply the spray! I did, and it was just matter of minutes before my shoulder pain slowly ceased…The culprit was my neck and not the shoulder nor the medicines.  ( I still don’t know why Para650 did not help! May be the time, dose had its role there)

Oh dear Volini, how much did i question your effectiveness…the trust….

Isn’t this the same with most of the problems which happen around us in our daily life…Is what we think the true reason, for what really happened? We think and strongly believe someone or something is the reason behind so and so issues. All the evidence point towards them.But in reality how much percentage  of what we see around is true? or real?  Why are we not ready to have a closer look into the issues we have in our life? Marriage divorces…. broken business deals… Broken friendship,love…Problems across borders leading to War… The reasons behind all these may be solid for our senses. Everything may fall in line…But what if the line itself is broken?


The earth appeared to be flat…But in real it turned out to be round (oval).



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