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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

An empty park bench…..An Idle place to dream……To look out into the world…..

Posted as part of Daily Post weekly photo challenge

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Comments on: "Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming" (15)

  1. love this technique – would like to try it, if I had a better photo program

  2. Such a tranquil thought …. very nice approach to the challenge.

  3. This is just lovely.

  4. autumninbruges said:

    Lovely picture

  5. dreamy bench :)

  6. OK, I think you got it! My first impression was of an elderly couple sitting down together reminiscing about all the lovely times they had in their lives together: so a reflection on the dreams they made come true, what they dreamed for their children and what they dream for their grand-children! So for me, you got it! :-)

  7. Yes, I’m dreaming about the colors, the spaces, the design of the ends of the bench. The worn paint, and then, your photo reminds me of my “secret garden” where I can sit on chair I’ve painted and be seen by no one. A place I can be sad and cry, or write, or just think. Great photo.

  8. Northern Narratives said:

    A nice place to sit and dream :)

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